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Evénement professionnel majeur de tout l’écosystème de santé, la Paris Healthcare Week vous propose 3 jours d’interactions entre les acteurs des secteurs sanitaires et médico-social.

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Paris Healthcare Week – 29 – 31 mai 2018 – Porte de Versailles – Pavillons 7.2 / 7.3

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Health-ITExpo Agoras

Health-ITExpo Agoras

Discover the first topics covered during the Health-IT Forums


  • AGORA « IT – SI »

Big Data
> Product records: new key information to access healthcare markets (GS1 France)
> The CNAF at the time of digitilisation : Stakes and contributions of Big Data for the improvement of the beneficiary experience and the fight against fraud (Capgemini)
> Dematerialisation: the organisational key element for healthcare facilities (SILPC)

Medical Imaging
> The GCS Sesan feedback about the SPRIM Project (CARESTREAM)

> Big Data in health: what role does interoperability play in data analysis? The predictive medicine of tomorrow? (Enovacom)
> A computerized solution caring for all your activities, with no side effects (SOA People)

Information System Security

> The Cloud Security: How to combine compliance and efficiency? (WALLIX)
> How to manage the turnover of staff within a Territorial Hospital Group: How to control access to sensitive data? (Enovacom)
Information Systems & Territorial Hospital Group
> Voice recognition at The Nantes University Hospital Center: contribution and opportunities (NUANCE HEALTHCARE)
> Central to the success of the Territorial Hospital Groups is the Information Systems Convergence (MiPih)

> Interoperability and Convergent information systems for Territorial Hospital Groups (Interop’Santé)
> The sharing and exchange of VNA data at the Lorraine-Nord Territorial Hospital Group (FUJIFILM)
> The identity in the heart of the Territorial Hospital Group: where your patient is and with which caregiver? (Enovacom)


  • AGORA « E-Health»

Adapted life plan for elderlies (MEDGIC Group)
> The role of new technologies in Home Hospitalisation: the Telemedecine case study (FNEHAD)
> Online appointment booking: the linchpin for patient path (Doctolib)
>  Deployment and evaluation of integrated Virtual Nurse mobile application to improve outpatient care and patient health behaviour : comparison between US and European publicly financed projects (MedClinik)
> Developing care pathways in a multi-faceted approach (Maincare)
> How to gather Territorial Hospital Group Professionals,  liberal medicine and patients around a platform: exchanges and sharing dedicated to pathway (Maincare)
> Implications of Connected Health: The case of the telemonitoring of respiratory patients (SRETT)
> How to control and increase the visibility of a healthcare institution (Pages Jaunes)
> Decompartmentalizing the relationship with patients and the city MonDocteur as a tool for the patient’s journey strategy (MonDocteur)
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