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Evénement professionnel majeur de tout l’écosystème de santé, la Paris Healthcare Week vous propose 3 jours d’interactions entre les acteurs des secteurs sanitaires et médico-social.

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Paris Healthcare Week – 29 – 31 mai 2018 – Porte de Versailles – Pavillons 7.2 / 7.3

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HopitalExpo / GerontHandicapExpo Agoras

HopitalExpo / GerontHandicapExpo Agoras

Discover the first topics covered during the HopitalExpo / GerontHandicapExpo Forums

  • ARCHITECTS’ VILLAGE AGORA (en partenariat avec Architecture Hospitalière Magazine)

> Patient Centered care: conception, design, ergonomic, chromatic, signage, lighting

Evolution, management and evaluation of hospital heritage

> Building Information Modeling: a shared language for all the professionnals who build the hospital of the future

> The links between architecture and biomedical technologies

> Future outpatient spaces: from the reflexion to the conception

Beyond the Hospital’s walls: city actor, town planning, integration and security

Architectural answers to medical reflexions: how to integrate architecture into medical project

The place of architecture in a digital and connected hospital

From the waiting room to the reception: best of European architectural projects

Care and dementia : designing for an aging population


Organisational, economic and financial strategy
> Payment in the proceedings and risk sharing: an innovative partnership to guarantee the final result (MEDTRONIC)
> How to finance the investment of innovative solutions in the Hospital? (UGAP)
> The change of the admissions offices: reconciling the quality of reception and efficient invoicing (ANIORH)
> Territorial Hospital Groups: towards financial solidarity? (MAZARS)
Change Management
> Building tomorrow’s day hospital with the patients: designing their future healthcare center in a participative patient centric approach (ANEO)
> Organisational innovation:  support for change (UGAP)
> Value-based healthcare: how efficiency is changing the healthcare system to serve patients? (PHILIPS)
> The ethical issues of e-health (Initiatives Soignantes)
> New horizons of cancer care: territories have ideas (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
HR, Training and Recruitment
> New digital tool (mobile phone, touchpad) for staff training about airborn contamination and infection control (Aspec)
> Innovative training to meet the challenges of cleanliness for the hospital of tomorrow (ONET)
> Legal certainty of hospital purchase (UGAP)


Home Hospitalisation/Home care
> Premature exit from surgery unit: How the doctor specializing in obstetric-surgery can work with Home Hospitalisation facilities (FNEHAD)
> Improving the relevance of hospital accommodation for elderly people (FNEHAD)
Life Quality in Retirement Home (Hospitality, catering, hygiene…)
> Entering an institution: how to prepare a healthcare preventive policy to anticipate risks? (GEROSCOPIE)
Life Quality at the Hospital (Hospitality, catering, hygiene…)
> Patient rights: confidentiality and information – Feedback of the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne (ANIORH)
Life Quality in Healthcare Facilities (Hospitality, catering, hygiene…)
> Improving life quality in Retirement Home and for medium and long stay in Hospital (TECNOREST)
> Aviva Brooks and Steak Frites Productions presents “The H.art Project”
Silver Eco
> How to promote the deployment of the silver economy in the territories? (UGAP)
Therapies and animations for elderly people
> MUSIC CARE®: Care Through Music (Music Care)
Patient care, follow-up and support
> The “e-care path” of patients from the Institute of renal transplant of Nantes (Initiatives Soignantes)
> The importance of modern telephony in the follow-up of patients at home (in the case of ambulatory cancer surgery and palliative care) (Initiatives Soignantes)