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Evénement professionnel majeur de tout l’écosystème de santé, la Paris Healthcare Week vous propose 3 jours d’interactions entre les acteurs des secteurs sanitaires et médico-social.

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Paris Healthcare Week – 29 – 31 mai 2018 – Porte de Versailles – Pavillons 7.2 / 7.3

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38th International seminar of the UIA-Public Health Group

38th International seminar of the UIA-Public Health Group

HOSPITAL 21: Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital

The Paris Healthcare Week for its new edition hosts the 38th annual international seminar of the UIA within the Congress of the Public Health Group (PHG).

The International Union of Architects (UIA) is a nongouvernmental organization that for many decades has ensured a global sharing between architects. Its Public Health Working Group has become an incredible body of knowledge that transmtis to profesionals in the field a global vision on the evolution of hospital design and healthcare.

After many years of being absent, France opens its doors to welcome all healthcare groups to participate on 2018 International Seminar in Paris. All participants will have the greatest opportunity to discover the innovative projects, the best practices in the healthcare field. This is a perfect moment to discover all the options thant can fit thier own needs. UIA’s vision is to expand all the necessary arguments and go beyond domestic and international borders in order to engage healthcare architects on the medical fiels.

Themes for the 38th International Seminar

  • The digital hospital
  • Architecture for an aging population and behavioral health
  • Emerging trends in hospital design
  • The universally accessible hospital
  • The hospital and the city
  • Future-proof healthcare facilities and biomedical technologies
  • Designing the green hospital of the future

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