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A full-size operating room

New on Paris Healthcare Week 2018: a full-size operating room

The Operating Room – ASPEC Village will be dedicated to contamination control with a full-size operating room and will gather specialized exhibitors, practical workshops and conferences.

3 days for a practical approach bringing to light the invisible, technical and innovative solutions as well as a focus on the role of caregivers (behavior, gestures, dress code, etc).

Animations program

A full-size operating room

Conferences (10 minutes)

  • Regulatory and normative focus : activities, evolutions

NF S90-351, different versions / specifications 2013
ISO 14 698 and ISO 14 644

  • Design and construction of an operating room

Project management and BIM
Modular block

  • Components of a controlled environment

Air Treatment Station
Air purifiers

  • Controlled environment facilities
  • Control of energy performance (design)
  • Maintenance
  • Aspergillary risk during work or maintenance operations
  • Controls
  • Monitoring

Workshops (30 minutes)

  • Nature and origin of contaminants
  • Dressing and entry in controlled environment
  • Controlled environment’s equipment
  • Cleaning / DSVA
  • Particulate control
  • Microbiological control


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Les salons évoluent et deviennent SANTEXPO

Les salons évoluent et deviennent SantExpo

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