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Therapeutic garden


The therapeutic effects of green spaces


Parks and gardens are recognised in all civilisations and cultures as places that enhance quality of life. We are quick to acknowledge their benefits, but when intended for therapeutic purposes, the methodology and discipline essential to their creation must not be overlooked.


During a workshop entitled “The therapeutic effects of green spaces”, Étienne Bourdon, a landscape architect and gerontologist specialising in the design of therapeutic parks, will reveal the key to making your gardens a veritable resource in caring for your residents:

  • What therapeutic objective will the garden be used to treat (cognitive disorders, behavioural disorders, loss of functional autonomy, enhanced sensory stimulation, fall prevention, etc.)?
  • Which elements must be adapted in terms of safety and ergonomics so as to ensure that the garden is landscaped appropriately and accessibility is guaranteed?
  • What active materials should be included in the garden to transform the space into a real therapeutic resource?
  • How can the therapeutic benefits be assessed so as to measure their effect and bring together all parties involved in the healthcare aims developed within this space?

This methodology has been implemented in collaboration with the geriatric unit at the Charles Foix hospital in France and improvements have been observed in the disorders treated.

We have developed more than 100 different workshops that promote a holistic approach to personal functions. Come and find out about a few of these at the Pétrarque stand (R62).


If you are planning a therapeutic garden, we can give you the key principles to ensure the success of your project.




Les salons évoluent et deviennent SANTEXPO

Les salons évoluent et deviennent SantExpo

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