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HopitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo and Health-ITExpo trade fairs become SANTEXPO

Exhibitors Profile

Paris Healthcare Week gathers solutions to build, equip, connect and manage your healthcare facility.

Join the 850 exhibitors which take part in the following trade fairs and exhibiting sectors:

Health-ITExpo (HIT)

Since more than 10 years, Health-ITExpo is the leading trade show in France for ICTs, information systems and e-health:

  • Bring together and federates IT stakeholders
  • Improve the day-to-day life of caregivers, patients and their families
  • Connect health professionals, institutions and providers
  • Allow to exchange, invent and transform tomorrow’s health

Exhibitors profile: medical information systems, administrative information  systems, document management systems, telemedicine solutions, IT equipment, database management, cloud computing, connected objects, identity and access management, nurse call systems, printing systems, PACS, RIS, virtualization, ehealth, etc.

More than 350 exhibitors took part at Health-ITExpo in 2018.

HopitalExpo and GerontHandicapExpo

The trade fair dedicated to equipment and solutions to manage and transform healthcare facilities.

The trade fair is organized around 4 exhibiting sectors and welcomed more than 400 exhibitors in 2018:

  • Sector “Building, Technical Platform”
  • Sector “Accommodation, Logistics”
  • Sector “Service, Consulting, Training, Institution”
  • Sector “Medical Equipement and Material, Technical Aids”

Exhibitors profile: 

  • Building companies, architectural firms, engineering firms, equipment manufacturers (floor, wall, ceiling, sanitary, lighting, etc.) who think out and design tomorrow’s healthcare facilities or modernize those of today: furniture ergonomic, scalable and connected, chromatic, urbanization, living environment etc
  • The innovative equipment and materials that will transform the technical platform: operating room, sterilization, resuscitation, etc.
  • Care materials that provide better care in healthcare facilities and equipment that will ensure better patient care. Services and products enabling institutions to be places of “hospitality”, welcoming and ever more listening to the patient or resident: medical furniture, furniture, catering, laundry, hygiene and maintenance, etc.
  • Institutional organizations (FHF, Ministry, HAS, ANAP, ASIP, etc.) and consulting, financing and human resources actors (consulting firm, training firm, mutual insurance, bank, insurance, central purchasing) who help the institutions in their performance goals and optimal organization of their teams.


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