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3 days dedicated to the Health players

2019 Thematic Villages

Le Village Animation et Bien-être sur la Paris Healthcare Week 2019#1. Entertainment / Wellness Village

A true incubator of ideas to improve patients’ daily lives, the village brings together service companies offering entertainment and well-being solutions for residents and patients in healthcare and medico-social establishments.

Already registered in 2019: Agoralude, Aqualoc, Berc’itude, Ludesign, Music Care, Naest, Phoque Paro, Praxtour, Scentys, Tovertafel, Triple W, Ullo, Verdurable…

#2. Architects Village

Real place of interprofessional exchanges, participants will bring at the forefront their expertise in hospital architecture and their vision on the evolution of French and European hospital and medico-social facilities. 30 architectural firms specialized and a program of more than 20 conferences, debates and round-tables.

Already registered in 2019: A.26 Architectures, A+ Architecture, AA Group, Agence Michel Beauvais, AIA Life Designers, Archipelago Architects, Architecture-Studio, Art & Build, Assar Architects, Ataub Architecture, Atelier Architecture Hall Idasiak, Atelier Brigitte Galloni, Atelier d’Architecture Alain Janiaud, Chabanne & Partners, CRR Architecture, Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés, Groupe 6, In-Fine Architectes, Jean Paul Viguier & Associés, Kardham Cardete Huet Architecture, LEA Architecture, Mengeot & Associés, Pargade Architectes, Patriarche, Sanae Architecture, Scau, Sud Architectes, TLR Architecture…


Le village du catel et son showroom à la Paris Healthcare Week 2019#3. CATEL Showroom & Village

Solutions for telehealth, telemedicine, applications, web platforms, connected objectsCATEL Showroom & Village welcomes e-Health businesses grouped within a shared space.

3 days of e-health dedicated speeches, free and open access, to share and learn about market orientations and practices.

village catel

Already registered in 2019:Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Bee Consulting, BluPanda, BotDesign, Catel, CKS Santé, Docndoc, Doctoconsult, Helloconsult, IRT- b<>com, Move in med, Orion Health, Philips Healthcare, Richard Wolf, Sigma, Visus…

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Le Village Conseil et Formation sur la Paris Healthcare Week #4. Consulting / Training Village

As sanitary or medico-social establishments must constantly evolve and be formed, the Consulting / Training Village offers to exchange with your partners of tomorrow.

Located in the center of Service, Consulting, Training, Institution sector at HopitalExpo and GerontHandicapExpo, the Consulting / Training Village hosts about twenty consulting firms and training organizations.

Already registered in 2019: Aneo, Ayming, Cesegh, CMI, Dumuis Conseil, Fidelis, Fondation Méderic Alzheimer, Organis System, Oziris Santé, Stan Le Scolan, Tecnorest, Weenov Performance…


#5. Construction / Engineering Village

Come and meet the builders, engineering firms and engineering firms who will be the key partners in your future construction and/or renovation projects. On the agenda, building/person safety, sustainable development and construction/engineering will be honored for this new edition.

Already registered in 2019: Artelia, Beming, Berim, Besix, Bouygues Bâtiment, Deerns France, Edeis, Egis, Engie Axima, Engie Cofely, Engie Ineo, Groupe IDEC, Ingérop, Oger International, Oteis, Rabot Dutilleul, Spie Batignolles, TPF Ingénierie, WSP France…

Leem présent à la Paris Healthcare Week 2019#6. Drug Companies Village

“Pharmaceutical companies: drugs, is that’s all …? “

For its second participation at Paris Healthcare Week, the Leem, the professional organization of drug companies, challenges visitors to its stand through several debates entitled “Leem Lives”. Far from being merely a drug producer, drug companies are positioning themselves alongside healthcare players to facilitate patients’ access to innovative treatments and support them in the correct use of their medication.

These exchanges intend to put in perspective the crossed views of public, private and economic operators. They will focus on the attractiveness of clinical research (May 29), experiments in the territories (May 30) and the relationship of trust in the territories (May 31).

The partner laboratories will invest the Leem stand to present their projects through their own lives.


Le village sécurité et sûreté sur la Paris Healthcare Week #7.  Security / Safety Village

Traditionally hosting and meeting places, hospitals must today strengthen their security against the long-term terrorist threat, but also to respond to new situations of violence against health professionals.

The village will bring together providers offering solutions dedicated to facilities’ security and safety.

Already registered in 2019: Attendance/Vigicom,Castel Communciation, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité, TGO Travaux Généraux de l’Ouest

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Acses partenaire du Village Sécurité / Sureté sur la PHW19

#8. Start-up Village

With nearly 30 start-ups every year, the village is full of ideas and innovative solutions that will help improve tomorrow’s health.

Young, innovative, French or international, these key players of the future respond to the challenges related to the transformation of health uses through digital technology.

Already registered in 2019: Accord-Sophro, Altruist, Avismedic, Cayceo, Colnec Health, Crisisoft, Data Galaxy, DrData, ECES Santé, Edop, Emotivi, Galéon, Gleamer, Healthy Mind, Hellocare, Idomed, Imito, Jeconsens.fr, Keeskee, Kernel Biomédical, Medadom, Medikstaff, Meredith Santé, Methodim, Milvue, Pandalab, P-Health, Posos, Simango, Urgences Chrono, Zaggo…



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