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Salon Infirmier – Nursing Event

Salon Infirmier (Nursing trade show): A unique gathering for the whole nursing profession.

The nursing trade show (Salon Infirmier), where the actors of the healthcare chain get together

Created in 1987, the nursing trade show celebrates its 32st edition in 2019. Connected with the other healthcare participants of the Paris Healthcare Week, it aims to gather all actors in the nursing profession and in the healthcare chain.

A unique get together

As much a trade show as it is a place for conferences and discussions, the nursing trade show is a unique place for meetings, exchanges and professional resourcing for nurses and all professional caregivers and healthcare managers active in public, private, or voluntary sectors.

This is where news in the sector is created

Training, learning, and keeping abreast of new development in the sector and its role in the restructuring of our healthcare system, ever more focused on ambulatory and prevention – such is the leitmotiv of the nursing trade show, to which an entire hall was dedicated in 2018.

The program of the three-day nursing trade show will include round tables and conferences, as well as several workshops and demonstrations: Simulation of care situations, practical workshops on the treatment of burns, home care for private practice, procedures in the operating room, etc.

Value-adding synergy

By being present within the Paris Healthcare Week, the nursing trade show contributes to the overall synergy created by the event with the FHF (HopitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo and HIT) trade shows.

The three main themes of the 2018 agenda

  • Coordinating care throughout the treatment process

Nurses are involved in prevention, education and care provision throughout a patient’s treatment. By drawing up specific treatment plans, providers can offer optimal care as and when healthcare problems arise. The effectiveness of this care is dependent on the coordination of the various actions undertaken throughout a patient’s clinical treatment. Healthcare professionals, medical centres, facilities, regional hospital consortia and networks will all be sharing their experience.

  • Specialist training and ensuring user safety

The expertise of healthcare professionals in general and nurses in particular is key to the quality of care provided, resulting in a need for initial training and continuing professional development. This is an area in which an increasingly wide range of options is available. Finding the most relevant or appropriate training course or series of races is not easy. Information and advice can be found in the training area of the nursing trade show.

  • Taking care of carers

The nursing trade show provides visitors with information and training in order to meet the requirements of the DGOS (French department for the provision of care), which, in 2018, declared that healthcare professionals must, as a priority, receive training in vigilance, prevention, protection and reaction in the following contexts, in order to improve safety: Incivility, malice, major accidents, terrorism and terrorist attacks.

Overview of the nursing trade show

  • A representation of the entire nursing and healthcare ecosystem: Institutional, associations, unions, services, consulting, training, manufacturers, laboratories, etc.
  • Three days of training, meetings, scientific conferences and practical workshops for all professionals, regardless of their mode of practice.
  • A meeting space for 10,200 visitors.


More information here (in french only)

Paris Healthcare Week 2017 - Salon Infirmier

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